Photoblog: Evacuating to Idlib

Photoblog: Evacuating to Idlib
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25 Apr, 2018
Residents of Eastern Qalamoun are displaced, forced from their homes under a deal between opposition fighters and Russia. Photos by Ghaith al-Sayed.
Fighters and their families from Qalamoun arrive in Idlib [Ghaith al-Sayed]
On April 23, the first displaced people from Eastern Qalamoun arrived at Al-Mundiq castle in the northern Hama countryside.

Their evacuation comes as part of the deal between opposition factions and the Russian delegation that now controls Qalamoun, north of Damascus.

They were received by humanitarian organisations and taken to temporary shelters.

All photos by Ghaith al-Sayed.

They arrived after midnight on buses belonging to the opposition fighters.

A child and his sister arriving in Al-Mundiq, northern Syria, which is under the control of opposition forces.

An opposition fighter carries his daughter after arriving to relative safety

The fighters sitting in the public square outside the fortress, waiting to be taken to the shelters.


A girl and her brother rejoicing as they arrive in northern Syria - after they were expelled from Eastern Qalamoun in an agreement between the opposition factions and the Russian delegation.

Whole families have arrived


A convoy of buses and other vehicles heads towards the city of Idlib


Buses carrying displaced people from Qalamoun al-Sharqi headed from the plains of al-Ghab towards the city of Idlib

Ghaith al-Sayed is a photographer based in northern Syria