Royal Jordanian's hilarious response to Selena Gomez' breakup

Royal Jordanian's hilarious response to Selena Gomez' breakup with The Weeknd
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04 Nov, 2017
Over the past year, Royal Jordanian has gained notoriety after its witty response to world events. This time it has targeted Selena Gomez, who recently split up with The Weeknd.

RJ's marketing team has gained notoriety in the past year [AFP]

Jordan's flagship carrier caught the attention of thousands of social media users again this week, after responding to Selena Gomez's latest breakup with a hilarious new advertisement.

Royal Jordanian - which has made international headlines for its witty responses to world events - has gained brownie points once again for addressing the break up of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd.

"Selena! We got THE weekend destination for you," the RJ's new post read, followed by the US-Jordan flight rate.

The latest marketing strategy invites Selena to Jordan where RJ suggests she would enjoy a perfect "weekend" destination to ease her split with artist, The Weeknd.

Over the past year, RJ has gained notoriety after responding to US President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban which targeted Muslims from seven countries.

Royal Jordanian Airlines launched a fresh round of advertising on social media, with an obvious dig at Trump.

"Fly to the US with RJ now that you're allowed to," the Royal Jordanian ad reads, along with a heading that wittily changed the word "Ban" to "Bon Voyage!"

Prior to that, a tweet sent out on the US Election Day in November garnered thousands of retweets and likes for its tongue-in-cheek reference to then Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"Just in case he wins… Travel to the US while you're still allowed to!" Royal Jordanian's official account tweeted, referring to Trump's campaign comments suggesting a ban on Muslims entering the United States.