Social media exposes anti-Qatar song composer's 'embarrassing Twitter history'

Social media users dig up embarrassing Twitter history of Saudi composer of anti-Qatar song
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07 Sep, 2017
The Saudi composer a song critical of Qatar has been appointed the head of the country's top sports authority prompting Twitter users to dig through his colourful posting history.
King Salman issued a decree, installing Sheikh as the head of the sports authority [Twitter]

An advisor to the Saudi royal court, who composed a song critical of Qatar, has been appointed the head of the country's top sports authority as a reward, prompting social media users to dig through his colourful Twitter history.

Turki Al al-Sheikh, who penned the song "Teach Qatar [a lesson]", has been exposed by social media users as having praised Qatar's emir in the past, questioned Kuwait's right to exist and made sexist remarks on the online platform.

Saudi Arabia's king issued a royal decree on Wednesday, installing Sheikh as the chairman of the country's General Authority for Sports, which functions like a sports ministry, days after his controversial song was released.

In one tweet dated to 2011, Sheikh quotes a line of poetry seemingly to heap praise on Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

"Tamim you go up and beyond. A name that represents the most honourable of glory," he said in the tweet, before it was deleted.

Since his appointment, Sheikh has purged almost 3,000 tweets from his account, however, many Twitter users have taken screenshots his most embarrassing remarks.

"Kuwait is not a state it is the 19th province [of Iraq]," he said one deleted post, sparking an angry backlash from Kuwaitis.

In another tweet, he compares Saudi women to "air conditioners in mosques".

On Monday, Saudi record label Rotana Group released Sheikh's composition, which features vocals from some of the most popular Saudi artists including Mohammad Abdo and Rabeh Sager.

The song is the latest attempt by a Saudi-led bloc of Arab states to discredit Doha amid a diplomatic crisis shaking the Gulf.

"Teach Qatar, and those who support Qatar, that our country is patient. But when things become dangerous by God you will see its men take action," the song's lyrics go as a music video shows images of King Salman and the Crown Prince.

"We stab in the face not in the back, even when the knot is big we can still unravel it. Twenty years of scheming, treachery and conspiracy we all know the deal," it continues.

The song has gained traction online since its release with over 2.5 million views on YouTube, however, it has also been made fun of ruthlessly on social media.

Qatar has officially dismissed the video as defamatory.

"We stick to our ethics and stay away from the minor acts, and let them slander using their media to disgrace others," Qatari foreign ministry official Ahmed bin Saeed al-Rumaihi said.