Tamarod: the crime of the century

Tamarod: the crime of the century
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06 Mar, 2015
Comment: On the surface, Tamarod appeared to be a grassroots activist movement, but recent links show they were connected to the highest echelons of power, receiving money from abroad.
Egypt's Tamarod overthrew former president Morsi and his government [Getty]

The crime of this century is called Tamarod, a movement which worked to overthrow Egypt's first democratically president, Mohamed Morsi.

A 70-minute leaked conversation that was aired by the Egyptian Mekemaleen TV channel appears to show the United Arab Emirates funded Tamarod.

Now, the good people of Cairo have the right to raise their heads high and praise God for the blessing of the pure

     Everything that is said about this regime should be believed and that everything it says is a lie.

revolution of 25 January 2011, as they did not beg for billions of dollars.

The original revolutionaries of Tahrir Square have the right to be proud that they did not leave unwillingly, when they had to choose between "accepting" the invaders who brought with them billions of conspiracy money, or staying in the space to protest.

Those who said "no" to the people who degrade them with money or violence have the right to tell their children that they turned down coexisting with a revolution manipulated by those who hate them and those who fight against change.

It is also worth mentioning those who mocked the statement issued weeks before the June 30 coup by the general of the counter-revolution, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who remains in the cahoots with Abu Dhabi conducting operations.

They should be proud of their position as they trampled on his statement in which he called for "all Egyptian people to come together in all public squares and to unite with the amazing Tamarod movement", which overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood leader.

"The time has come to regain the Egyptian state from the thieves and usurpers who are butchering its unity, security, economy, and its borders, as you would butcher the corrupt," he said at the time.

'Fathers of the revolution'

Also deserving are those who refused to respond to those they considered "fathers of the revolution", when they called on them to forget the values of the 25 January revolution and take part in the protests that led to 2013 military coup.

Blessed are those who did not sneak into secret rooms in the hotels of generals like thieves to receive the orders, instructions and guidance for a rebellion led by the military.

Blessed are those who remained steadfast and held onto the January revolution at a time when all the indications pointed to the fact that those who failed to jump on the "coup bandwagon" would be crushed by its heavy wheels.

Blessed are those who rejected the "revolution against their revolution" and refused to listen to its icons who turned their back on the struggle, sold out Egypt.

Now they go from country to country begging for aid and inciting the international community against the democratically-elected government of Morsi.

In November 2012, the details of the conspiracy reached Morsi who was besieged in the presidential palace by the army and the police, using crowds of people.

Seven months and seventeen days before the coup, I asked the question in an article entitled 'Who is the President of Egypt in 2013?'

Destruction of democracy

     Blessed are those who did not sneak into secret rooms in the hotels of generals like thieves.

In the article I said that there are some people who are counting down the days to burn the stage of democracy, and all with it, to cause complete destruction in the country.

This is so that Egypt can go back to what it was before the January 25 revolution, and this is not prophesying or reading too much into the details of the current situation.

I described that stage as "the planting of land mines and booby-traps, paving the way for a huge explosion, the making of which is taking place right now both inside and outside of Egypt."

"So by the time the third anniversary of the 25 January revolution comes along, everything would have been destroyed. That way, the crows can go back to cawing all over the country and celebrate their victory."

According to several accounts outside of Egypt, the opponents of the revolution are gathering now and pumping in huge amounts of money to create devastation and chaos inside the country.

In fact some of them have started leaking news about the imminent return of domination over the country and the people. This is a kind of psychological warfare, creating a climate of fear and panic.

The recent leaks document what people were saying without any physical evidence.

But next will come the testimonies and confessions by those who survived the Tamarod swamp, confirming the credibility of the leaks.

It has become well-established from the facts that everything that is said about this regime should be believed and that everything it says is a lie.

The leaks and actions are exposing you and the bombs will not be able to cover you.

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