#Trending: Ever wondered what it is like #GrowingUpArab?

#Trending: Ever wondered what it is like #GrowingUpArab?
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15 Jul, 2015
Blog: Wednesday morning's hashtag had people of the Middle East and beyond telling the world what #GrowingUpArab meant for them.
An Arab boy having Ramadan Iftar [Getty]
#GrowingUpArab has been trending on Wednesday morning across the Arab world, with Tweeps sharing memories from their childhood.

The hashtag has been used more then 21,000 times in less than 24 hours, according to a Twitter analytics website.

Stories from parents, nicknames, and common figures of speech are among the most popular tales shared.

While the majority of posts were light-hearted, there were also a few references to the political and societal stereotypes growing up as an Arab can bring.

Arabs are known to be keen on their food, so kitchen and dinner routines came up frequently.