#Trending: 'Huda' storms social media

#Trending: 'Huda' storms social media
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08 Jan, 2015
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A severe snow storm has battered Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon since Tuesday. 'Huda' is expected to rage until Saturday.

Roads, schools, offices and public institutions have all been closed as governments issued severe weather warnings, urging people to stay indoors and stock up.

But while life outside was frozen, social media sites have been buzzing.

Huda lashes the region. See our picture gallery

Much space was taken up for those less fortunate, not least in Gaza - where war and isolation has left tens of thousands without adequaate shelter - and the millions of Syrian refugees, in camps and streets across the region, at the mercy of the angry elements.  


In Jordan, where people were warned to stock up ahead of Huda, a mass shopping spree ensued, much to the merriment of tweeters and others around the country.

Eye witnesses reported how crowds descended on shops and supermarkets, leaving shelves bare in little time.

Caption: Crowds in a bakery


Bordeom loomed large, especially for Ammanis. Residents of the Jordanian capital flocked to pirated DVD stores to make sure they had something to entertain them on the cold winter nights.

Even the Mona Lisa got prepared…



Some also were irritated by the name chosen for the storm.

Translation: The name Huda for the storm is not nice, it should be named Kim Kardashian

And a question raised by numerous tweeters - especially women: why are all recent storms in the Middle East given female names? There's Huda. We've had Zina, Alexa, and Bushra. Why don't you tell us?

Why are Middle Eastern storms given female names?

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