#Trending: Muslims welcome the world to Mecca using #mecca_live

#Trending: Muslims welcome the world to Mecca using #mecca_live
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14 Jul, 2015
Blog: A campaign centred around Islam's holiest sites has become the number one world-wide Twitter trend - and here's why.
Muslims have been taking the opportunity to show Mecca to non-Muslims [Getty]
Snapchat's #mecca_live story feature has been trending worldwide since late yesterday.

Just under a million tweets were posted using the #mecca_live hashtag in the past two days, showing the world how Muslims are celebrating Laylet al-Qader - the anniversary of the night when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad - live and as it happened in the holy city.

Snapchat launched its "live" feature last year. It allows users to contribute videos and pictures to a live stream, which, like other content on the app, disappears after a short period of time.

A five-minute video has been compiled featuring some of the video casts, but to view it, you'll need to log in and swipe left to get to "Stories". Scroll down to "Live" and press and hold on "Mecca".

But if all that seems like a bit too much of an effort, we have listed some of the most popular images. 




The photos touched Muslims and non-Muslims alike.






Messages of unity and equality were the overwhelming theme of the night.