Trump-Clinton debate: Arab tweeters react

Trump-Clinton debate: Arab tweeters react
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27 Sep, 2016
Instead of sitting back to let the candidates do all the talking, the Arab Twitterati joined in the conversation on Monday night's US presidential debate.
The two main US presidential candidates traded hostile barbs for 90 minutes [Getty]
Hundreds of millions around the world tuned into the first televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday, as the two main US presidential candidates traded hostile barbs for 90 minutes.

Instead of sitting back and let the presidential candidates do all the talking, social media joined in the conversation - and the Arab twitterati was no exception.

The Arabic-language hashtag  #Trump_and_Clinton_Debate gained traction on Twitter shortly after the debate began.

The possibility of female president standing at the helm of a global superpower was a one subject that gained particular attention from the Arab world.

[Translation: Imagine that the world's most powerful country, in all its political, economic and military might, is run by a woman!]

[While a woman in Saudi Arabia fights for her rights another in the US is waiting to become the president of her country.]

[Translation: I wish that Trump wins to avoid the embarrassment of Arab leaders being led by a woman.]

Hillary Clinton's own track-record in Middle Eastern affairs came under scrutiny as others pointed to her past as a reason for expressing a preference for Trump.

[Translation: An obvious enemy is better than one hiding behind a mask. I hope Trump wins the presidency.]

[Translation: They both have the same policies, but Trump is direct while Clinton is deceiving.]

Others expressed a resigned indifference - arguing that both candidates may inevitably be as worse than the other when it came to the Middle East.

[Translation: Clinton is a liar and Trump is a crook, and the Middle East is going to pay the price.]

[Translation: There is no difference between the two, may God spare us their evil!]

Meanwhile, one user appeared to be still concerned with the Brangelina break-up, voicing a preference.

[If Angelina Jolie runs for the presidency, everything will be a lot better.]

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