Putin on the Diplomacy: Assessing Russian-Iranian relations

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22 July, 2022
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On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to Tehran for meetings with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. 

This week on The New Arab Voice, we're exploring the relations between Russia and Iran. 

What is the current state of relations between the two countries? How has the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected the relationship? Are Russia and Iran now competitors in the black market for oil? Will Iran provide Russia with its domestically produced military drones. 

This week, we speak with Sanam Vakil (@SanamVakil), Deputy Head & Senior Research Fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House (@CH_MENAP), and Hamidreza Azizi (@HamidRezaAz), CATS Fellow at the German Institute for International Security Affairs, focusing on Iranian foreign policy. 


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