Ayse Karatay is one of the oldest people to recover from covid-19 [Getty]
A 116-year-old woman in Turkey has survived Covid-19, according to her son, making her one of the oldest patients to beat the disease.
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The figure is far higher than previously thought and probably still an undercount, because it is based on self-reported data from pharmacies, states and other providers, NBC said, quoting a response it received to a request for public data.
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Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation is keeping the vaccine rate in the West Bank and Gaza low, with less than half receiving their first dose.
Covid-19 vaccine [Getty]
Egypt's government is preparing new facilities that it says could produce several million vaccine doses daily, and is also in talks with an unspecified European vaccine producer.
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Though the vaccine was found to be safe, with no serious side effects, its efficacy in preventing HIV infection was just over 25 percent.
A booster shot of the coronavirus vaccination is 'not a luxury', said the head of WHO Europe.
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Despite the 'broad agreement' Covid-19 was not developed as a bioweapon, the US intelligence community is still divided on the origins of the pathogen, which first broke out in China.
WHO is hoping to establish an air bridge in the next two or three days into Afghanistan's northern city Mazar-i-Sharif in order to deliver emergency medical supplies.
Danish Siddiqui and two Afghan commandos were killed in a Taliban attack while on another mission, a failed attempt to retake the key border town of Spin Boldak. That rout was an early milestone in the collapse of the Afghan military.
Coronavirus vaccinations in Afghanistan have dropped by 80 percent according to UNICEF