UAE Covid
Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince has said that the United Arab Emirates has overcome the Covid-19 crisis.
Yemen conjoined twins
The nearly eight-hour operation which required 25 surgeons and technical advisers was performed in July.
ardem patapoutian
Nobel Prize for medicine honours Ardem Patapoutian for the discovery of receptors for temperature and touch.
The Supreme Court of India
Petitioners had appealed to the Supreme Court to provide at least eight times the compensation ordered under the National Disaster Management Authority.
Pfizer BioNTech
Vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer jab stays highly effective against severe Covid - including the Delta variant - for at least six months, an analysis of US patients said Monday.
Covid-19 vaccines
Unvaccinated populations - predominantly in poorer countries - have been and continue to be particularly vulnerable to surges in the Delta variant strain of coronavirus.
Egypt aims to vaccinate 40% of its population by the end of the year [Getty]
Nearly 270 youth centres are now open for citizens to get the vaccines, the health ministry said, bringing the total number of vaccination sites across the country to 1,100.
US pharmaceutical company Pfizer said Monday it had begun a clinical trial to test an influenza vaccine designed with the same mRNA technology behind its successful Covid-19 shot.
A delivery of 356,000 shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Aden, the temporary capital of the internationally recognised Yemeni government, said health ministry spokesman Ali Al-Walidi.
Many international donors are reluctant to fund the Taliban-led administration but fear that the country is veering towards a humanitarian crisis.