Egyptian authorities reported the quake was felt in some of the country's cities.
Israeli environment activists have fiercely opposed the UAE oil transport deal [Getty]
Environmentalists in Israel have celebrated after the Israeli government said it would not allow more crude oil to be shipped through the port of Eilat, dealing a blow to a controversial pipeline deal with the UAE.
Powerful storm have caused flash floods in northern Iraq that killed 12, including three foreign nationals and a baby.
Water supplies dried up, crops wilted, and under-fed cattle and livestock died during the 2020-2021 cropping season, a time that saw new levels of water scarcity and reduction in water flow from rivers that run through the country
The Batman River loach - considered critically endangered - was last spotted in 1974 in the streams and tributaries of the Batman and Ambar rivers.
Mediterranean countries have pledged to increase efforts to protect the environment and reduce pollution, including a cap on the use of sulphur in fuel for ships.
Lebanon's economic crisis, Covid-19 and the deadly Beirut port explosion have made city life in Beirut less appealing to many Lebanese people.
Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque
A storm hit Istanbul as well as other parts of Turkey Monday. At least one person has been killed, ferries have been cancelled and flights redirected.
Suhail al-Mazrouei
UAE energy minister, who was speaking at a private business event at the Expo 2020 world fair in Dubai, gave no further details about the plans.
Energy Minister Karine Elharrar opposes the deal [Getty]
Israel's energy minister said on Tuesday a deal with partners from the United Arab Emirates to transport oil from the Gulf to Europe via Israel should be cancelled as it was too much of an environmental risk.