Lebanon wildfire
Wildfires are continuing to ravage the Lebanese countryside, having already killed one teenager and forced many from their homes.
Jordan's environment ministry announced fines of up to 1,000 dinars for littering.
The UN's OCHA office said South Darfur State experienced flooding that has impacted more than 1,630 homes in camps for internally displaced people, with other parts of the country also hit.
France fire
The fire damaged 2,100 acres of forest and caused power “blackouts” in several countries, according to reports on Sunday.
Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities/AFP
The find was made during underwater excavations at Thonis-Heracleion, a one-time bustling metropolis that sat on the edge of the Nile river where it meets with the Mediterranean sea.
Iran is suffering a water crisis [Getty]
Street protests broke out overnight over severe water shortages in Iran's oil-rich southwest, according to Iranian news outlets and videos posted on social media on Friday, as the country faces its worst drought in 50 years.
Great Barrier Reef
Australia has been lobbying to push back the key decision until at least 2023 and now has the support of the two oil-rich Middle East nations - both of whom are members of the World Heritage Committee. 
The heatwave in northwest Africa comes as countries including Spain, Canada and the United States swelter in extreme temperatures
A statement from the General Directorate of Meteorology (GDM) said Saturday was "the hottest day, with exceptional temperatures never before recorded" in some regions.
A mud volcano eruption in Azerbaijan
The eruption on Sunday evening occurred near offshore oil and gas fields, though Azerbaijan's emergency services said neither the 'infrastructure or the lives of people' are at risk.
A partly European Union-funded project aims to promote six southern European nations, including Cyprus, with the allure of their aromatic and medicinal plants.