Plane flies over Dubai
The UAE said it wants to reach zero-net emissions by 2050, and invest more in renewable energy by then
Agriculture is a major sector for Turkey's economy, accounting for about six percent of GDP. Farmers' livelihoods have been ravaged by drought.
Queen of England opens Scottish parliament
Queen Elizabeth II opened the Scottish parliament on Saturday and used the moment to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change.
Diyala drought in Iraq
Iraq has threatened to take Iran to ​international courts after the two countries failed to resolve their dispute over water through negotiations.
Boris Johnson [Pool/Getty]
Boris Johnson is using the UN General Assembly in New York to press governments for tougher emissions-cutting targets and more cash to help poor nations clean up their economies.
For the second time in four days, this time out of UN HQ leaders will hear pleas to make deeper cuts of emissions of heat-trapping gases and give poorer countries more money to develop cleaner energy as climate worries grow.
Climate change stock photo
A new UN report warns that urgent widespread action is needed to prevent the 'catastrophic' impacts of climate change.
The protest was organised by campaign group Action Citoyenne, and was the 'longest human chain in the history of Tunisia', Ines Labiadh of the FTDES rights group said.
The Crocidura Dhofarensis was first detected in 1977.
the oil appears to be moving away from North Cyprus [Getty]
An oil slick spreading from a Syrian power plant pulled away from the breakaway north of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.