A partly European Union-funded project aims to promote six southern European nations, including Cyprus, with the allure of their aromatic and medicinal plants.
Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi said Ethiopia's dam could impact the "safety and security" of millions of people [Getty]
Sudan Foreign Minister Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi urged the Security Council to hold a session at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss the GERD.
The comments were made by Markus Rex, who led an expedition of 300 scientists from 20 countries to the North Pole.
The lightning strikes hit India's West Bengal state, leaving 27 dead. Four passengers on a flight to Kolkata were hospitalised after the plane was caught in a storm as it was about to land, according to officials.
Sea snot
The naturally occurring marine mucilage consists of a thick coating of microalgae that can deprive corals, mussels, crabs, and other sediment-dwellers of oxygen, damaging the fishing industry.
Dubai skyline [Getty]
The UAE has asked to host the COP 28 international conference on climate change in its capital Abu Dhabi in 2023, state news agency WAM reported on Sunday.
Mount Sinabung Indonesia [AFP/Getty]
Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupted on Friday but, despite a massive column of smoke and ash, no evacuation order has been made.
turkey lake salda
A Turkish lake which NASA says resembles what Mars could have looked like billions of years ago has gained international fame, but campaigners say the new attention could spell disaster.
john kerry afp
US climate envoy John Kerry will travel to the UAE, India and Bangladesh ahead of next month's climate summit hosted by Washington.
israel oil spill getty
Israel accused Iran of "environmental terrorism" after a devastating oil spill off its Mediterranean coast.