The Crocidura Dhofarensis was first detected in 1977.
the oil appears to be moving away from North Cyprus [Getty]
An oil slick spreading from a Syrian power plant pulled away from the breakaway north of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.
Saudi oil
In an op-ed in The Guardian, Ali Allawi implored the OPEC nations to move away from oil and embrace renewables, or risk being left behind in a changing world.
Syria petrol -- getty
Algeria was the last country in the world to sell leaded petrol at pumps.
whale fossil
The fossil was found in the Fayum region, a part of Egypt that was once covered by sea and is home to Whale Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A Sudanese official said that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - which was filled for the second time this year - made no difference to the country's yearly floods, despite Sudan taking costly precautions to regulate water flow.
Moroccan officials said fires in the Chefchaouen region were under control [AFP]
Morocco says it has brought a forest fire that ravaged the country's north for days under 'full control'
Algeria fires -- getty
Firefighters were still struggling Sunday to put out 19 blazes, after over 90 people, including 33 soldiers, were killed in wildfires since August 9.
The government has blamed arsonists and a blistering heatwave for dozens of blazes that have raged across the country's north since Monday, but experts have also criticised authorities for failing to prepare for the annual phenomenon.
An oil deal struck last year as part of the historic agreement establishing formal diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is turning Eilat into a waypoint for Emirati oil headed for Western markets.