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Lifta village was depopulated during the Nakba. [Getty]
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In-depth: For Palestinians, the hillside ruins of Lifta are both a silent witness to the Nakba and a symbol of the right to return. Now, Israel plans to destroy the village and replace it with a luxury real estate development.
Turkish soldiers at an observation post near Iraq border on 15 August, 2017. [Getty]
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Analysis: Turkey is deforesting swathes of land along the border in Iraqi Kurdistan to pave the way for roads, enabling further military expansion in the region.
An Iranian man displays his ink-stained finger after casting his ballot during the parliamentary election on 21 February, 2020. [Getty]
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In-depth: Iran's upcoming presidential election could be a turning point for Iranian domestic policy, but it is unlikely to trigger a significant change in direction on Iranian foreign policy.