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Fog over Istanbul (Anadolu)
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Analysis: While political differences still run deep, economic incentives could be key to turning a new page in relations between Ankara and Abu Dhabi.
Afghan farmers prepare poppy bulbs for harvest by slicing them with razors in the field May 16, 2002 near the city of Kandahar, in southern Aghanistan
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Analysis: The Taliban's rise to power has amplified fears that Afghanistan's huge narcotics trade will only increase under the new fundamentalist regime.
Crucifixes and icons are seen at the heavily damaged Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh on April 9, 2017, as Christians mark the first Palm Sunday event since its recapture from IS.
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In-depth: Six months after Pope Francis' visit, Iraqi Christians say nothing has changed. But despite emptying churches and sectarian violence, some remain hopeful for political progress.