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A Moroccan woman holds a Moroccan flag during a demonstration against terrorism on May 7, 2011. [Getty]
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Analysis: While the Islamist-led coalition suffered a shock defeat as liberal parties made gains, the main purpose of elections in Morocco is to produce political elites capable of implementing the palace's vision.
Turkish soldiers are seen during a welcoming ceremony held for Turkish armed forces personnel evacuated from the Afghan capital Kabul at 4th Corps Command in Mamak district of Ankara, Turkey on August 28, 2021. [Getty]
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Analysis: Many officials in Ankara believe that Turkey holds unique advantages over other states seeking to fill a void in Afghanistan following two decades of US occupation.
A Yemeni child who fled fighting between Yemen's armed rebels and pro-government forces in Hodeida, is pictured at a makeshift camp in the district of Abs, in Yemen's northwestern Hajjah province on 13 May 2019. [Getty]
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In-depth: International aid can avert complex crises but is often unsustainable. Local groups in Yemen say affected communities need to be economically empowered.