Libya Oil
Libya's Waha oil company is set to work to cut output by 90,000 bpd for a week as it carries out maintenance work
A model oil pump with miniature barrels in the background
Washington is attempting to organise similar moves from other states, making it uncertain when the US might reveal its plans.
Israel and Jordan are set to sign a water-for-energy deal brokered by the US and UAE
Iran has told the IAEA that 'its 'security and judicial authorities' were 'investigating whether the terrorists have used the Agency cameras to launch an attack on the complex', something the watchdog 'categorically' denied.
iran IAEA afp
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Rafael Grossi will visit Tehran on Monday and expressed concern on November 12 over the lack of contact with the Iranian government, describing it as 'astonishing'
Algeria's OPEC governor Mohamed Hamel has been appointed as the secretary-general of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF).
ADIPEC conference Abu Dhabi
CEO of Abu Dhabi's National Oil Company has called for a pragmatic approach to combating climate change while ensuring global energy security, saying the world couldn't "simply unplug" from hydrocarbons
Ethiopian mega-dam
Ethiopia's mega-dam project, which has caused long-standing tensions between Ethiopia and downstream countries Sudan and Egypt, will start producing 700 megawatts of electricity next year.
Saudi energy minister
Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister denied accusations that it is hampering climate change negotiations
oil, gas price hike
A UAE minister said insufficient investments in the oil and natural gas industry could lead to an increase in energy prices.