The OPEC+ talks resume after the UAE would not agree with Saudi Arabia on extending remaining oil production cuts to the end of 2022, according to sources.
The UAE had contested an extension clause that would keep a baseline for its oil production that was agreed upon back in spring 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit
The 'technical fault' responsible for shutting the Bushehr nuclear plant down 'was fixed', the deputy head of Iran's nuclear energy authority, Mahmoud Jafari, told a news agency.
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The UAE criticised the current oil production deal among OPEC+ alliance members as 'unfair'
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Climate envoy John Kerry sees the UAE as leading the region in transitioning to renewable energy, while noting strong potential in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Basra oilfield [Getty]
Despite its many potential benefits for both countries, the Iraq-Jordan oil pipeline has yet to leave the drawing board.
State power and energy minister Nasrul Hamid said his nation aims to produce 40 percent of electricity with renewables by 2041.
South Sudan has been rebuilding its oil sector since a 2018 peace deal formally ended years of civil war in the country.
An Iranian oil refinery
Iran has been readying itself to sell millions of barrels held in stock should the nuclear deal with world powers be restored.
According to the Iraqi Radioactive Sources Regulatory Authority head, the country seeks to generate 25 percent of its electricity requirements with nuclear for 2030-31.