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Pakistan's top diplomat will focus in his talks with Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi and other Taliban leaders 'on ways and means to deepen cooperation in diverse areas', Pakistan's foreign ministry said.
The 10 ambassadors issued a highly unusual joint statement on Monday -- distributed widely on their Turkish social media accounts -- saying Kavala's continued detention "cast a shadow" over Turkey.
There have been numerous evacuations since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Aug. 15 and announced a new government last month after U.S.-led foreign forces withdrew and the Western-backed government collapsed.
The move marks a thaw between Azerbaijan and Iran a week after their foreign ministers agreed to resolve a crisis in ties through dialogue.
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Record sales of homes to foreigners in Turkey are starting to slow after a new government rule aimed at tackling inflated prices, property experts say.
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Nasser Al Tergui was the number two in the Gourma-Serma brigade of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (Jamaat Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin), the French statement said.
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The French president said earlier this month that Algeria's leaders 'have a grudge against France', to significant backlash.
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Turkish police first detained the suspects on Oct. 8 in an operation focused on Istanbul and the southern resort city of Antalya, according to state media.
The former president says it is "unacceptable" that he has been "silenced" while the Taliban have a "huge presence on Twitter".
The men took steps to create a paramilitary unit of 100 to 150 men, according to a German federal prosecutors office.