Lebanon Central Bank -- Getty
The audit is part of urgent reforms to unlock financial support to deal with the devastating economic crisis gripping Lebanon.
Despite Israel saying it will issue 3,000 new work permits for Palestinian workers from Gaza, the crushing illegal siege of the Strip remains.
Reports have said Qatar is looking to buy British department store Selfridges and is in talks with its owners.
Tunisia Dinar
Talks are underway to secure a financial relief package for Tunisia, from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the IMF.
Tunisia [Getty]
The IMF has been in contact with Tunisian authorities after a new cabinet was formed last week and more talks are expected soon on the type of aid needed
Afghanistan's economy is set to shrink up to 30 percent this year and this is likely to further fuel a refugee crisis that will impact neighbouring countries
Turkish Lira
The Turkish lira hit an all-time low on Monday, sparking concerns in the country about fiscal stability, with further falls expected.
Valiollah Seif and two of his deputies were jailed for 'disturbing the foreign exchange market, the country's economic climate and mismanagement,' a judiciary spokesman was quoted as saying by state media.
A PIA spokesman cited 'the unprofessional attitude of the Kabul aviation authorities'. The airline's move comes after the Taliban had earlier threatened to block half their flights if the high ticket price was not slashed.
A UAE flag
The UAE-South Korea agreement seeks to be a "mutually beneficial liberalization of trade in goods, services and investment", according to a joint statement.