A trader looking at stock market information screens
The Tunis Stock Exchange's value was down over 1.09 percent on Monday after political turmoil triggered by the Tunisian president's dissolving of parliament.
abu dhabi
In recent weeks, authorities have ramped up efforts to woo new business to Abu Dhabi, one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.
An Iranian oil refinery
With progress at Vienna's nuclear discussions having slowed, Washington is weighing up how to pressure Iran, including through its critical crude oil exports to China.
PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 26, 2019: A Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Palm Springs, California. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
The decision to pull out of occupied Palestinian territories has been met with mixed responses, with many users noting that the company will continue its presence in Israel.
Kuwait parliament getty
Downgrading the Gulf country's rating from A+ to AA-(minus) in its statement on Friday, S&P cited the "persistent lack of a comprehensive funding strategy despite the government's ongoing sizeable deficits".

Libya currently has two rival central banks [Getty]
The UN has warned that Libya's banking system will "likely collapse" if its two rival central banks don't unify.
Yemen Central bank
Rising prices in war-torn Yemen have left many families struggling to provide the basics, with no solution in sight.
US State Department
The US is to allow Iran to use frozen funds to pay for exports shipped before sanctions were imposed before the previous administration.
Turkey central Bank
With inflation rising, Turkey has chosen to keep its policy rate unchanged, to combat rises in the cost of living.
Cellebrite supplies digital forensic tools that can extract data from cell phones, and its technology is widely used by law-enforcement agencies around the world. Rights groups say the Israeli firm continues to sell its tools to repressive regimes.