A Dutch court convicted two Syrian brothers for being part of the Jabhat Al-Nusra group in Syria between 2011 and 2014.
Man reads a newspaper in Sudan
Two newspapers in Sudan have been banned from publishing for three days after voicing support for protests in the east.
Benjamin Netanyahu in front of three Israeli flags
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a debunked video on Facebook that falsely depicted US President Joe Biden had fallen asleep when meeting the new Israeli leader Naftali Bennett last month.
At least five were killed in a shootout triggered by a dispute over property in Kazakhstan's largest city Almaty
Hamid Vahedi was praised by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who formally selected him for the role on Sunday, as being dedicated and capable.
Lebanon's fuel crisis has allowed Hezbollah to utilise its soft power [Getty Images]
Two tankers carrying Iranian fuel have been spotted on their way to Syria with fuel earmarked for the Lebanese market.
Regime and Russian forces have launched increasing attacks in Idlib recently in violation of a March 2020 ceasefire [Getty]
The US has allegedly killed high-ranking Hurras Al-Din militants according to reports.
Azerbaijan impounded more than half a tonne of heroin, one of the biggest ever seizures in the country situated on a major smuggling route to Europe
Iran's new atomic energy chief Mohamed Eslami called on the US to 'rectify their wrong policies' and lift sanctions, at the opening of the UN nuclear watchdog's annual conference
Self-exiled Egyptian businessman and anti-regime activist Mohamed Ali has been instrumental in organising the latest protest against the Al-Sisi [Getty Images]
Egypt is on a 'state of high alert' after popular dissident Mohamed Ali urged Egyptians to take to the Nile to protest against the historic failings of the regime.