British TV star Gemma Collins said she felt sick after spending £1,450 on steaks and drinks at the new Nusr-Et restaurant in London's Kensington.
A Spanish court has leaned in favour of Lebanese-Colombian singer Shakira in a tax fraud case, her lawyers have announced.
A number of ancient artefacts have been discovered at the settlement, including a 9,000 year old seal
The ancient jar was discovered at one of the region's oldest settlements, dating back to 7,000 BC.
The musical icon said a pair of wild boars tried to steal her bag and run off into the woods.
Taliban fighters enjoyed themselves on a pirate ship ride at the Kabul funfair [Getty]
Taliban fighters have visited a fairground in Kabul for rest and recreation as Afghans fear that they will impose oppressive restrictions on their daily life.
Celebrities are offering videos to their fans, for a price [Getty]
A new app in Morocco gives fans of actors and musicians the opportunity for personalised videos.
Gigi Hadid
Palestinian-American Gigi Hadid wowed fans with her glamorous white dress, long black leather gloves and red hair at the Met Gala 2021.
UAE flag
The Times newspaper has reported that the UAE is considering changing the working week from Monday to Friday - a topic that has been the subject of intense speculation among expats.
In an interview with Anadolu Agency, a Turkish scientist has claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine can boost male fertility, citing a US study that compared the sperm parameters of a group of men before they took the vaccine and 70 days after.
Named after a local species of crocodile known to ambush its prey, Gando's stars are counter-espionage agents of the Revolutionary Guard, operating from a control room festooned with monitors, much like in the US thriller "24".