Amenhotep I
Thanks to the advanced digital 3D imagery, researchers unearthed new mummification techniques used for the pharaoh whose rule dates back more than 1,500 BC.
Singer Dua Lipa and model Anwar Hadid have taken a break to 'figure things out' after dating for just over two years.
Bahrain's nomination was among 48 from around the world considered for inscription on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list at an annual UNESCO-led meeting.
arabic calligraphy
A total of 16 Muslim-majority countries, led by Saudi Arabia, presented the nomination to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, which announced the listing on Twitter.
Former US President Donald Trump has lashed out at Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of disloyalty, for recognising Biden's electoral win.
Muhammad is the most common baby name in the UK for the fifth year running.
Baby Border with family
A mother and father have named their newborn son Border to mark their months of struggle stuck at the India-Pakistan frontier.
Saudi camel
Dozens of camels have been disqualified from a Saudi beauty contest after authorities clamped down on the use of Botox injections and other artificial touch-ups to make the animals look more attractive.
Legal advisor Ahmed Ajad said admins who remove others from WhatsApp groups could face up to a year in prison, stirring controversy and ridicule on social media
Ashraf Barhoum in Al-Garib (The Stranger)
Palestinian cinema is back in London with a jam-packed two week programme of films and live events. Here's our pick of five stunning films from this year's London Palestinian Film Festival you shouldn't miss.