Egyptian police arrested the 'Mahdi' north of Cairo [Getty Archive Image]
Egyptian authorities have arrested a man who called himself an Islamic messiah and used social media to gain a following.
iran dating
An Iranian government-affiliated cultural body launched the app dubbed Hamdam, or "companion". It says the app will help younger people find the right mate for a "sustainable marriage".
Cannes films Iranian director
Undeterred by the penalisation of his father at the hands of Iranian authorities for his films - young Iranian director Panah Panahi goes to Cannes and makes a splash with his film "Hit the Road".
A keeper at London Zoo planted England and Italy flags in the ground and the meerkats' task was to knock one down - it took them five minutes to choose England.
Scarlet Envy
The work of famed Lebanese designer and fellow drag queen Anya Kneez has been featured on the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars.
The US Supreme Court allowed a lower court ruling to stand against a man who filed a lawsuit demanding a religious exemption from Idaho's requirement he provide his social security number to apply for state contractor work.
Local reports said the women were 'driven by false beliefs'.
For the Yemeni fishermen who found a $1.5 million fortune in a whale's belly, the discovery has changed their lives.
Indonesia Metal Band
Metal band Voice of Baceprot have been challenging conventions in Indonesia with their music.
UFO Sightings
A Pentagon report about possible sightings of alien spacecraft by military pilots has been reported.