After a rosy honeymoon phase under Trump, relations between Saudi Arabia and the US have taken a sour turn under the Biden administration. But behind snarky comments are deeper grievances, writes James Snell.
Protest At The Killing Of Al Jazeera Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh
Following the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, political figures in the US expressed ‘outrage’ and offered their condolences, but this means nothing in the face of their continued support for Israel which includes considerable aid, writes Hebh Jamal.
Ilhan Omar - getty
Exiled Iranian opposition figures think that countering efforts against Islamophobia will undermine the government in Iran. This strategy, which weakens anti-racism, is likely to turn against them as minorities in the West, writes Kourosh Ziabari.
In a single week the Islamic State claimed over a dozen killings of Egyptian troops in the Sinai, 9 years on from Sisi taking power, the narrative that his totalitarian regime is necessary to counter terrorism can no longer stand, writes Sam Hamad.
warda 2
On the 10th anniversary of the death of iconic singer Warda Al-Jazairia, Moataz Rageb reflects on her life and impact during the golden age of Arab music, as well as her continued role as a nationalist symbol for Algerians.
Opinion - Saudi Golf League
Golf's biggest players have tried to justify their collaboration with Saudi Arabia's new breakaway league as healthy competition and fresh starts, but their greed only helps Riyadh sportswash its dismal human rights record, writes Anthony Harwood.
The limited choice and little hope in Britain’s recent local elections meant that many didn’t see the point in voting, but growing frustrations over the cost of living crisis is likely to express itself in some way eventually, writes Paul O’Connell.
The issue of modern day slavery in Lebanon has been completely absent from election campaigns, as the corrupt elites continue to profit off the exploitation and abuse of migrant domestic workers, writes Nia Evans.
The boat tragedy symbolises the crisis in Lebanon. People are desperately fleeing amidst a financial collapse, and paying with their lives, whilst elites responsible for their suffering are set to be rewarded with re-election, writes Khalil Issa.
A protest with Palestinian flags, including one reading "Palestine Solidarity Campaign"
This month marks 74 years of the Nakba when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes for the creation of the state of Israel. As the catastrophe continues, we must resist Britain’s role in sustaining a system of oppression, writes Ben Jamal.