Media coverage has the power to shape narratives, beliefs, and actions. [Getty]

Opinion: Dr Anwar Mhajne dissects the impact of the biased, yet pervasive media narratives that skew audiences' understanding of Israel-Palestine.

Men ride a motorcycle past debris outside a hospital damaged after a reported airstrike in Northeast Syria on 10 July, 2019. [Getty]

Opinion: The World Health Organization's continued co-operation with Assad's murderous regime is in direct contradiction with its humanitarian mandate

Republicans Israel Congress - Getty

Opinion: Blocking aid to Gaza while selling huge amounts of weaponry to Israel makes the US complicit in Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people

Algeria election - Getty

Opinion: Algerian politics is caught in a struggle between loyal proponents of the old regime, and an uncompromising protest movement, writes Yasmina

Protesters attend a rally in Hong Kong to show support for the Uighur minority in China on 22 December, 2019. [Getty]

Opinion: Biden’s human rights agenda should run parallel, but separate, to geopolitical competition, writes Rachel Esplin Odell.

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