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Opinion: BRICS has existed for 20 years, but what has it really achieved and can it do better? Jim O'Neill writes.

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Opinion: Algeria's decision to break diplomatic ties with Morocco is the latest episode in a saga of distrust between the two countries dating back to


Opinion: The crisis in Afghanistan, like recent crises elsewhere, has exposed weaknesses within the global system governing refugees. The

Members of the US military carry the flags of Israel and the United States before the arrival of Israel's Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman during an honor cordon at the Pentagon on 26 April 2018 in Washington, DC. [Getty]

Opinion: Israel need not worry as the Biden administration will continue selling arms to the biggest violators in the Gulf, writes Annelle Sheline.

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Opinion: A new report from Amnesty International lays bare the stark reality of sending Syrian refugees back home. It's time European countries took

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Opinion: Nabila Mounib's shock decision to withdraw the United Socialist Party from the Federation of the Democratic Left brought an end to hopes of a

In My Mother's Footsteps

This is an excerpt from Mona's book, which is released today.
In My Mother's Footsteps: A Palestinian Refugee Returns Home, Mona interweaves the

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is renowned for its solidarity with progressive causes but has been slow to support Palestine. [Getty]

Opinion: Ben & Jerry's decision to end sales in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is a welcome first step, but the real credit goes to BDS


Opinion: Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal's interview on Al Arabiya - the Saudi news agency known for its anti-Hamas rhetoric - raised eyebrows and sparked