TNA Voice: Trump's 'Steal of the Century' in Palestine

Trump's 'Steal of the Century', Putin's bloodbath in Idlib, and Lebanon's 'feminist' cabinet-TNA Voice podcast
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11 February, 2020
The New Arab Voice podcast dives deep into news, culture, and human interest stories from the Middle East and beyond: Episode 2
In this episode, The New Arab Voice tackles Donald Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century”, which many Palestinians are dubbing the steal of the century for its bias in favour of Israel: We interview Dr. Ian Black to comment on what lies ahead for Palestinians.

The episode will also discuss the latest escalation in Syria which experts fear may turn into yet another bloodbath, then we’ll be speaking to female activists in Lebanon to talk about whether the record number of women appointed to the new cabinet can really make a difference for women in the country.

Beyond political news, we talk to media watchers about the curious murder investigation haunting Lebanon’s most famous diva Nancy Ajram and her husband, who shot dead a Syrian alleged intruder, highlighting issues of bias and racism.

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