TNA Webinar Video: Israeli annexation 72 years after An-Nakba

TNA Webinar Video: Israeli annexation 72 years after the Nakba: The Palestinian and international landscape
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26 May, 2020
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Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century” has given Israel new momentum to continue its forced displacement of Palestinians that has been on-going since the 1948 Nakba, the 72nd anniversary of which was marked by Palestinians on May 15.

Recently, the new Netanyahu-Gantz unity government made clear its plans to illegally annex new parts of the West Bank and formalize a de facto process that began decades ago.

Netanyahu is expected to put forth its annexation proposal in July. The results of this move will be devastating to the lives of Palestinians under occupation, with much of the West Bank potentially falling under Israeli law, and what is left of the land earmarked for a future Palestinian state becoming nothing more than scattered bantustans, not only putting the PA’s project of a two-state solution to rest, but painting a picture of an ever more apparent one-state reality.

Despite Palestinian outrage across the political spectrum, the Arab nations and the international community are yet to react in earnest to the looming grave violation of international law, save for usual statements of opposition and general concern, and move to prevent another cycle of displacement and dispossession.

Join us on Thursday, 21 May 2020 for a discussion on the situation on the ground and the international landscape as the spectre of annexation threatens to drive a final nail in the coffin of the Palestinians' quest to right the historical injustice against them and achieve self-determination, and what hope remains for them and their allies to stop Israel's plan.

Suhad Bishara (Adalah)
Abdelhamid Siyam (Rutgers University, NJ)
Moderated by Malia Bouattia

Watch the video below or click here for an audio only version

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