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Mark Perry


Perry is a foreign policy analyst, author and reporter living in Washington, D.C. His most recent book is The Most Dangerous Man In America, which is a biography of US General Douglas MacArthur. @markperrydc

Analysis: The war drums are beating among Washington’s neo-cons, but no one in the US military is taking them seriously

27 March, 2015

Analysis: Israel’s prime minister has tied his nation’s future to the political success of a Bible-thumping, evolution rejecting, climate change denying, interventionist and largely evangelical American political movement.

04 March, 2015

Comment: The US push for a nuclear deal is part of a fundamental foreign policy shift that will end Washington's isolationist attitude towards Tehran, says Mark Perry.

26 February, 2015

Jim Clancy's 'resignation' from CNN doesn't suggest that the US media is pro-Israel. It's much worse than that. It shows that normal journalistic standards in America may not exist at all.

22 January, 2015

America’s antipathy to the ICC leaves Palestinians with few supporters among a military establishment otherwise increasingly wary of Israel. Potentially far more effective would be legal action under US law, analysts suggest.

13 January, 2015

America's Israel supporters have Qatar in their crosshairs for the emirate's support of Hamas in particular. US interests in Qatar, however, are too deeply entrenched to be affected much by any media blitz.

16 December, 2014

Obama's much-derided strategy to fight the Islamic State group nevertheless reflects the widespread view in America that the US needs to do something, so long as it doesn’t include expending American lives or breaking the bank.

04 December, 2014

Unfailingly polite, but somewhat of a puzzle, Arafat had a keen sense of mission and a strong sense of humour.

11 November, 2014

Republican sweep will have little effect on foreign policy but does suggest Americans are sinking deeper into the ‘far right fever swamp’.

07 November, 2014