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Paul McLoughlin


McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

Elections in Lebanon will take place this weekend. While Lebanese are being encouraged to go out and vote, Syrians are being ordered to remain in their homes for two days.

13 May, 2022

In-depth: Progressive activists in Libya have been detained by security forces on accusations of promoting atheism and forced to sign 'confessions', triggering fears of a return to Gaddafi's repressive era.

29 March, 2022

Book Club: Little was known of Qassem Soleimani until after his assassination by the United States in January 2020. But as Arash Azizi's biography reveals, the shadowy commander was instrumental in helping shift regional dynamics to Iran's favour.

23 March, 2022

Analysis: Suweida has broken out into protest once again, but those participating in the demonstrations are different from previous unrest, reflecting deep-seated problems in the Syrian province.

11 February, 2022

Analysis: Despite both backing the same side in Syria's war, relations between Iran and Russia are becoming increasingly fraught.

10 February, 2022

As Syria enters its eleventh year of war there appears little hope for the situation to improve in 2022. The New Arab spoke with four Syria experts about the issues Syria might face in the coming year.

31 December, 2021

In-depth: War crimes in the Syrian conflict have been documented and archived almost exclusively by independent researchers. These one-time amateurs are now paving the way for a new brand of accountability.

22 December, 2021

Analysis: Talks of a new Syrian constitution have stalled following repeated disruptions of the process by the Syrian regime delegation. Is there any hope for the UN initiative?

06 December, 2021

Analysis: A touted gas deal involving Lebanon, Jordan, and the Syrian regime is not a sign that the Biden administration is rushing toward normalisation, analysts say.

21 October, 2021

The CHP has been accused of using divisive rhetoric against Syrian refugees in Turkey.

11 October, 2021