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Moe Chreif


Writer and filmmaker

Blog: After the release of Ahmed Mansour, Twitterers have rounded on Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris for his defence of the reporter's arrest.

24 June, 2015

The Lebanese Army has launched its own Twitter account and it was met with a lot of support, many wishing it well in its struggle against Islamic State group.

23 June, 2015

Culture: Majallet Onboz is a multidisciplinary Arabic-language magazine for children recently launched at the National Museum in Beirut, Lebanon.

22 June, 2015

Comment: Hizballah has hijacked the Shia identity, is fighting a war in Syria on sectarian lines and calls its Shia opponents US agents. Many Lebanese Shia have had enough.

18 June, 2015

Lebanese Communist Party says it is taking defensive action to secure its villages from myriad threats, the latest mobilisation in country scarred by war.

15 June, 2015

Israeli authorities have released the student and folk dancer after six months in Israel's notorious Ofer prison - to the delight of her supporters.

12 June, 2015

Comment: The purging of love has tortured and corrupted Arabs' collective wellbeing. Like Shakespeare's tragic heroes, they may perish unless love resurrects within them, says Moe Chreif.

09 June, 2015

Analysis: Thawing relations between Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement could help heal the country's bitter divisions - even if they don't solve crucial issues.

03 June, 2015