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Brooke Anderson is The New Arab's correspondent in Washington D.C., covering US and international politics, business and culture

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Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed Palestinian-American Tahanie Aboushi for Manhattan DA.

10 June, 2021

Hala Ayala, whose parents both have Arab backgrounds, has won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor in Virginia.

10 June, 2021

Despite promises of securing their safety after they served the US government, Afghan interpreters face tough obstacles in getting visas to the US. Human rights groups, veterans and politicians are speaking up. Will that be enough?

06 June, 2021

As favourable US public opinion towards Israel continues to be counteracted by increasing Palestinian support, Benny Gantz's arrival in Washington has only galvanised Palestinian support bases, as congressional sympathy continues to rise.

04 June, 2021

New polling shows that the trend in US public opinion is moving toward increasing sympathy and solidarity with Palestinians.

28 May, 2021

The US State Department has branded the elections in Syria as a 'sham', while also warning Gulf allies of exposure to sanctions if they normalise ties with Damascus.

27 May, 2021

In-depth: Until now, the assumption has been that being staunchly pro-Israel was par for the course in New York. But the past several years have seen a surge of progressive activism across America, part of which has been the Palestinian cause.

25 May, 2021

An accountability watchdog wants to sue the US Treasury Department over access to records on the cost of Steven Mnuchin’s trips to Middle Eastern countries and any communication he had with sovereign wealth funds in the region.

25 May, 2021

Analysis: Voices critical of Israel are growing louder in the Democratic party amid violence in Gaza, but Biden has so far taken a hands-off approach.

19 May, 2021

Growing up in a family consumed by strife, Tahanie Aboushi has overcome countless hurdles in her journey as one of New York's most remarkable human rights attorney. In this interview, The New Arab follows her campaign to become District Attorney.

18 May, 2021