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Charlie Hoyle


Charlie Hoyle is a Middle East-focused journalist specialising in Palestinian affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

Jimmy Aldaoud's tragic death casts light on the plight of Iraqi Chaldean deportees, a community that once saw Donald Trump as their saviour.

14 August, 2019

Israel is making diplomatic inroads into Africa to counteract political support for Palestinians and deepen strategic influence and security ties in a region traditionally ambivalent to Tel Aviv’s ambitions.

20 March, 2019

Israel is estimated to have carried out more than 2,700 assassinations since the state's founding in 1948.

28 November, 2018

Thousands of digital activists will take part in a crowd-sourcing data project to track how the US-led military coalition's bombings destroyed almost 80 percent of Syria's Raqqa.

21 November, 2018

The crushing decade-long siege on the densely populated Gaza Strip means children have nowhere to play, nowhere to escape, and, during intensified conflict, nowhere to hide

14 November, 2018

A growing Christian Zionist political base, access to Israel's military hardware, and alignment with Trump's America lie at the heart of Bolsonaro's Jerusalem embassy plans.

07 November, 2018

On 16 September, Lebanese Phalange militiamen stormed the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and began a massacre which killed up to 3,500 Palestinians.

16 September, 2018

Israel had paid anti-Iran fighters $75 a month, but had not supported rebel groups in their fight against Bashar al-Assad.

09 September, 2018

Netanyahu issued a disturbing warning to the country's regional rivals on Thursday, declaring that the Israeli state has the means to destroy them.

31 August, 2018

Bethlehem is suffocated by gun turrets and barbed wire, with Israel's eight-meter high segregation wall eclipsing verdant pastures and rolling hills.

03 August, 2018