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Mohammed Arafat


Mohammed holds a bachelor degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is preparing for a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. Author of, "Still Living There," a book documenting Gaza's last war and its aftermath.

Official Palestinian statistics show that there are 125,000 single women of marriageable age, in a population of 180,000.

18 January, 2017

As Gazans struggle to make ends meet, rising unemployment, soaring prices and social expectations make marriage impossible writes Mohammed Arafat.

18 January, 2017

As frustration mounts in the Gaza Strip over constant power cuts, protests break out and politicians warn of an 'explosion of outrage'

13 January, 2017

There is more to the Gaza Strip than destruction and suffering; Mohammed Arafat talks to a Gazan artist who uses drawings to resist the occupation.

11 January, 2017

The right of return: a dream held by Palestinian refugees but often forgotten by the rest of the world. Gazan poet Mohammed Arafat captures the longing of returning home.

09 January, 2017