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Safa Abdul Hamid


The bolstering of armed forces in and around Baghdad is one of a number of measures introduced to protect the Iraqi capital from likely attacks by extremists.

06 July, 2015

Efforts to secure the Iraqi capital Baghdad is seeing manpower being moved away from the battles fronts in Anbar province, adversely affecting the fight against Islamic State in western Iraq.

23 June, 2015

The Islamic State group 'recaptures' the Baiji oil refinery in Iraq as a series of car bombings on Friday kills over ten people.

01 May, 2015

Feature: Residents of Basra describe the destruction to their province caused by the British occupation.

12 April, 2015

The Islamic State group has intensified its attacks in Anbar, as it attempts to push into the centre of the largest governorate in Iraq.

31 March, 2015

Hizballah is reportedly planning to send fighters to the battle of Mosul at Iran's request to placate Sunni leaders because it is an Arab force.

15 March, 2015

Islamic State extremist group is fortifying its positions in Mosul as Iraqi forces gear up for a battle to regain control of the northern city from the militants.

21 January, 2015

After recent victories against the Islamic State group, the Peshmerga is beginning to win the support of the international community. Baghdad's support remains missing, however.

16 January, 2015

A member of Parliament's Defence Committee said Iraqi forces required international assistance to reverse the Islamic State group's successes.

17 November, 2014

Riyadh and Baghdad are moving quickly to heal a decades-old diplomatic rift and begin cooperation on a number of issues.

13 November, 2014