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Khadija Mohsen-Finan


Khadija Mohsen-Finan holds a doctorate in political science (Sciences-Po, Paris) and is a history graduate, teacher and researcher in international relations at the University of Paris I (Pantheon Sorbonne).

Opinion: Three towering figures of the Arab left have died since 2020: Tunisian Gilbert Naccache, Syrian Michel Kilo, and Moroccan Abdellah Zaazaa. Khadija Mohsen-Finan revisits their trajectories over 50 years of activism and social upheaval.

09 July, 2021

Comment: In exchange for recognition of Israel, the US has provided Morocco the opportunity to realize two of its longstanding ambitions. But many remain unconvinced, writes Khadija Moshen-Finan.

19 December, 2020

Comment: Essebsi is thwarting the fight against corruption, stalling transitional justice and postponing municipal elections. The 2018 protests should serve as a warning, writes Khadija Mohsen-Finan.

18 January, 2018

Comment: On the anniversary of a revolution that brought hope to many, Tunisians are back on the streets. Khadija Mohsen-Finan looks back at what became of democratic transition, post-2011.

17 January, 2018