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Hadani Ditmars


Hadani Ditmars is the author of Dancing in the No Fly Zone: a Woman's Journey Through Iraq. A former editor at New Internationalist, she has been reporting from the Middle East for two decades.

Blog: Harassment is a universal experience for women, writes Hadani Ditmars.

20 October, 2017

Q&A: The international legal expert talks to Hadani Ditmars about how paying hypocritical lip-service to human rights leads to a rise in extremism, both foreign and domestic.

19 October, 2017

The British Museum's historical approach to contemporary art is well-suited to these works from Syria and Iraq, whose origins betray an optimism for a better future, writes Hadani Ditmars.

11 October, 2017

Blog: Covered or revealed, the female body is merely an object when it comes to the eyes of the patriarchy, writes Hadani Ditmars.

06 October, 2017

Blog: Roger Waters, Pink Floyd star and Israel boycott activist, is facing a coordinated smear campaign as he starts a tour of Canada, writes Hadani Ditmars.

15 September, 2017

Blog: Jingoism and celebrating a flag are no match for recognising the diversity of immigration that has made America great, writes Hadani Ditmars.

04 September, 2017

Society: Anti-racism campaigners vastly outnumbered far-right activists in Vancouver this weekend, reports Hadani Ditmars.

22 August, 2017

Blog: 500 years after the start of the Protestant Reformation, music still fuels protest and foments revolution, writes Hadani Ditmars.

17 August, 2017

Blog: How did the definition of 'Canadian' go from Pierre Berton's "someone who can make love in a canoe" to "someone who sells weapons to human rights abusers"?

16 August, 2017

Blog: Military hubris prevents lessons being learned about the re-emergence of armed extremist groups, notes Hadani Ditmars.

04 August, 2017