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Jessica Buxbaum

Jessica Buxbaum

Jessica Buxbaum is a Jerusalem-based journalist covering Palestine and Israel. Her work has been featured in Middle East Eye, The National and Gulf News. Follow her on Twitter: @jess_buxbaum

In-depth: For some Palestinian students, the new semester is being spent inside a jail cell instead of in a classroom, as Israel cracks down on higher education institutions in the West Bank.

26 October, 2021

In-depth: Naftali Bennett, the man set to end Netanyahu's reign, is a religious nationalist, multi-millionaire ex-tech executive who made his name in politics by staunchly advocating Israeli settlements and the annexation of the West Bank.

09 June, 2021

In-depth: Garin Torani, a religious nationalist movement, is seeking to strengthen the Jewish presence in Israel's mixed cities, with Palestinians fearing the worst.

03 June, 2021

In-depth: As violence rocks Israel and Palestine, Muslim and Christian Palestinians stand together in solidarity.

14 May, 2021

In-depth: For Palestinians in the Israeli-designated military area, daily life is plagued by settler violence, army harassment, and the ever-looming threat of displacement.

05 May, 2021

In-depth: Palestinians working in settlement industrial zones often feel they have no other choice, with the Palestinian economy and labour market shackled by Israel's military occupation.

11 March, 2021

Trapped by Israeli checkpoints and border walls, thousands of unregistered Palestinians in the occupied West Bank feel doubly imprisoned as Israel continues to deny them IDs.

08 March, 2021

In-depth: Settler groups are engaged in a house-by-house struggle for Jerusalem, using Israel's legal system to take over Palestinian homes.

06 January, 2021

In-depth: An Israeli court has rejected local petitions to establish an Arabic-language school in Karmiel or fund transport for Palestinian students, arguing that it would damage the city's 'Jewish character'.

15 December, 2020