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Nino Orto


Nino Orto is an Italian journalist

The New Arab Meets: André Liohn, who unveils the distressing perils of conflict and how human beings can so quickly descend into anarchy under indiscriminate force.

05 May, 2021

Rising discontent with the Palestinian Authority and the intransigence of Netanyahu's far-right coalition could yet lead to the outbreak of a new intifada, reports Nino Orto.

19 April, 2019

Nino Orto speaks to a White Helmets' volunteer in Idlib who warns that there is little room to organise an evacuation if an attack by Syria's brutal regime occurs.

24 September, 2018

A generation gap is at the heart of an identity crisis in the Druze community in the occupied Golan, reports Nino Orto.

25 April, 2018

In-depth: Nino Orto talks to ex-Islamist fighter Shahid Butt on the importance of community and education in making young British Muslims resilient to creeping radicalisation.

28 March, 2018

Film is important to document what is happening at a turbulent part of history, especially when providing evidence of war crimes, Firas Fayyad tells Nino Orto for The New Arab.

06 February, 2018