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Alaa Helou


Palestinian journalist based in Gaza. Writes for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, The New Arab's Arabic-language sister publication

Society: UNRWA is scaling back the support it offers to the most deprived families in the Gaza Strip, which is having a devastating affect since a new generation of refugees will be excluded from support, which has become a lifeline to many.

20 September, 2021

Society: Gold Green is a new initiative based in Gaza, employing women to manufacture natural plant-based health products using traditional steam-distillation methods.

16 August, 2021

As Israel bombs Gaza indiscriminately, stories are emerging of civilians suffering unspeakable loss and tragedy. This is the story of Shaimaa, killed in an Israeli strike days before her wedding. Alaa al-Helou reports from the besieged enclave.

20 May, 2021