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Ray Mwareya & Ashley Simango

Ray Mwareya and Ashley Simango

Mwareya and Simango

Ray Mwareya is receiver of the 2016 UN Correspondents Association Media Prize and regular freelancer for The New Arab.


Ashley Simango, is a freelance journalist.

South Africa has long been a staunch supporter of the oppressed and occupied, particularly Palestine. But the ANC's ties with Putin and refusal to rebuke the Ukraine invasion threaten its human rights credentials, write Ray Mwareya & Ashley Simango.

24 March, 2022

Islamic banking has long been repressed in South Africa, both due to Apartheid and general ignorance towards the Muslim banking system. However, with investment from the Gulf and Subcontinent, Islamic banking is now growing in popularity.

25 February, 2022

Throughout Sudan's 2019 revolution, musicians were at the forefront of the resistance, providing a soundtrack to the people's demands. But two years on, the COVID-19 pandemic and military coups have forced musicians into exile, or underground.

02 December, 2021