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Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali

Abdolgader Mohamed Ali is an Eritrean journalist and researcher in the African Affairs

Analysis: Cairo has been developing a strategy to regain influence in the region, but Ethiopia's energy dominance will likely secure its geopolitical hegemony.

28 June, 2022

Analysis: Biden's decision to redeploy US troops is a sign of support for Somalia's new president in the fight against al-Shabab, but Washington is also wary of China and Russia’s growing regional influence.

13 June, 2022

Analysis: In an era of privatised warfare, Russia's Wagner Group is leading the way. But as the military advancement in Ukraine slows, will Moscow risk its growing influence in Africa by diverting mercenaries?

22 March, 2022

Analysis: Ethiopia has officially inaugurated electricity production from its controversial mega-dam, the largest in Africa, raising tensions with Addis Ababa's downstream neighbours.

28 February, 2022

Analysis: Competing regional powers have quietly backed Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia's deadly conflict.

14 February, 2022

Analysis: Emerging signs of a reconciliation process in Ethiopia's conflict could re-engineer regional relations amid competition for geopolitical hegemony.

25 January, 2022