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Anas al-Kurdi

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Anas al-Kurdi
Anas al-Kurdi

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After manpower shortages, Assad 'forcing' civil servants to fight

07 March, 2016

The Syrian regime is forcing civilians in areas it holds to "volunteer" in militias created to man checkpoint but also to fight on the front

Heavy Syrian regime losses in Hama

06 November, 2015

Syrian opposition forces recaptured two villages in the Hama countryside, west-central Syria, on Friday, amid reports of heavy regime casualties.

Syrian regime 'preparing Latakia countryside offensive with Russian support'

24 September, 2015

Analysis: Syrian opposition sources say they have good reason to believe a Russian-backed regime offensive in Latakia is imminent, to secure coastal strongholds and recapture areas lost to the opposition

Syrian opposition battles for control of strategic al-Ghab plain

14 May, 2015

Analysis: After recent victories in northwest Syria, opposition forces are now fighting to take control of the strategic al-Ghab plain, which will open the way to the coast.

Regime-held hospital comes under fire from Syrian rebels

11 May, 2015

Analysis: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to break the siege on regime forces in their last remaining stronghold in the northern Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughur.

Syrian opposition prepares battle for regime heartland

08 May, 2015

Analysis: Recent victories in Idlib province mean rebels can threaten Latakia, long seen as the regime's heartland, but the region is heavily defended.

Rebels inch closer to the Syrian coast

26 April, 2015

A Syrian opposition alliance has seized a strategically important town in Idlib, bringing the rebels closer to the regime stronghold of Latakia.

Syrian regime claims early success in Daraa offensive

20 April, 2015

Government forces and allies say they have "full control" of key towns in southern province, a claim dismissed by opposition fighters as a deception.

Syrian regime forces 'lost stomach to retake Idlib'

16 April, 2015

Analysis: The regime's attempt to recapture Idlib was hit by attrition and poor morale among its men, with many militias refusing to fight, says Anas al-Kurdi.

Syrian rebels push IS from desert stronghold

06 April, 2015

Syrian opposition forces say they have captured areas from Islamic State group near the city of Palmyra in a surprise offensive.

Syrian opposition battle to secure strategic road through Tadmur

05 April, 2015

Rebels launched a surprise attack on several IS checkpoints and positions around midday on Saturday near the town of Tadmur, sources tell al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Are coalition airstrikes in Syria helping Assad's regime?

19 March, 2015

Analysis: The US-led aerial campaign may be forcing the Islamic State group to retreat in certain areas, but troops loyal to Damascus - not opposition militias - are making up the ground.

Anas al-Kurdi
Anas al-Kurdi

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