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Trump's Iran sanctions hit European companies

05 November, 2018

The US sanctions on Iran will have a great impact on several European economies.

At Golan crossing reopening, Druze hope to see family

16 October, 2018

Druze look forward to reuniting with families after the Golan crossing reopens after three years.

Libyans 'regain hope' with new unity government

05 April, 2016

Tripoli residents hope for an easier future after as Libya's new unity government begins work.

Saudi Patriot missile intercepts Yemeni scud

08 February, 2016

A Yemeni scud missile fired at a Saudi city hosting a major airbase was intercepted by Saudi Arabia's Patriot air defence system on Monday.

376 civilians killed, wounded in Saudi border zone

02 February, 2016

The spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni rebels said 376 civilians were killed or wounded by rebels in Saudi border regions since the military operation began last March.

US, allies vow to destroy IS 'power centres'

21 January, 2016

The US and allies have vowed to crush Islamic State group, while Russia announced peace talks would begin soon.

Indonesia militant attacks cause havoc in Jakarta

14 January, 2016

Suspected terrorist bomb attacks and shootings kill at least three in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Cyprus refugees hope courts end 17-year-wait on UK base

19 December, 2015

Seventy-five Kurdish refugees in limbo on a UK military base in Cyprus for 17 years are hoping a judicial review will give them permission to settle in Britain.

Russia-Turkey summit cancelled

14 December, 2015

Moscow said that a summit between the Russian and Turkish presidents that was scheduled for Tuesday will not take place.

Russian warship fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat

13 December, 2015

Moscow said that a Russian destroyer avoided collision with a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea after firing warning shots at it.

Christian women join the fight against IS

13 December, 2015

More Christian women are joining militias to fight against the Islamic State, AFP reports.

Libya will sign peace accord on 16 December

12 December, 2015

Libya's rival parliaments will sign a peace accord on Wednesday that would see the birth of a national unity government and an end to almost five years of civil war.


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