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Adel al-Ahmadi

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Adel al-Ahmadi
Adel al-Ahmadi

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Yemen: calls for probe into former president Saleh's 'crimes'

14 October, 2015

The Yemeni General People's Congress party, currently in Riyadh, have sacked their leader, former President Saleh and said they would hold him and his allies accountable for crimes against Yemenis.

Yemen's Houthis advance towards Aden

24 March, 2015

Anti-government forces advance towards President Hadi's refuge of Aden, as Saud al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, hints at military intervention.

Yemen: Houthis move to forestall Riyadh talks

19 March, 2015

Analysis: The Houthis’ release of former Prime Minister Khalid Bahah may be part of a wider strategy to pre-empt regional talks going ahead without them in Riyadh.

Yemeni prime minister and others released from house arrest

16 March, 2015

After efforts made by the UN envoy to Yemen, the Houthis have released Yemeni ministers held under house arrest in Yemen for two months.

Houthis set for talks with rivals in Riyadh

16 March, 2015

With the UN's envoy to Yemen apparently side-lined by Gulf Cooperation Council, talks between rival Yemen parties look likely to take place this month in the Saudi capital.

Gulf Cooperation Council conditionally accepts talks with Houthis

14 March, 2015

Analysis: The council wants the Houthis to walk back their takeover of the Yemeni state in exchange for a seat at the table in talks on the future of Yemen.

Rival Yemeni factions clash in Aden

12 March, 2015

Parts of the de facto capital for Yemen's internationally recognised government has become a battleground following clashes between rival soldiers and militia.

The Salehs make a play for power in Yemen

12 March, 2015

Analysis: Ahmed, son of Yemen's former ruler, comes out on top as reserve forces are deployed in and around Sanaa.

The diplomatic efforts to free a Saudi al-Qaeda captive

06 March, 2015

Feature: After three years, a Saudi diplomat was recently freed by al-Qaeda and flew back to Riyadh. His remarkable story sheds light on the difficulties negotiating with the extremist group.

Houthi gunmen overrun Yemen's national dialogue talks

05 March, 2015

With efforts to restore national unity in Yemen underway, the Houthis have stormed the mission's headquarters, seizing keys and intimidating staff.

Houthis: Winning the battle but losing the war

09 February, 2015

Analysis: Yemeni parties waiting on the side-lines of the crisis find the Houthi's latest plan unpalatable. Could this be the end of Houthi power?

Yemen PM says resignation 'final and irreversible'

29 January, 2015

Khaled Bahah says Houthi movement have staged a coup and the government can no longer be held responsible for the country's welfare.

Adel al-Ahmadi
Adel al-Ahmadi

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