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Salah Eddine al-Jorashi

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Salah Eddine al-Jorashi
Salah Eddine al-Jorashi

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Tunisia faces a storm but remains strong

09 March, 2016

The Tunisian people, despite profound economic and social problems, are still immune to the lure of the jihadi project targeting their state, argues Salah Eddine al-Jorashi.

Ennahdha and the rebellious poet

15 April, 2015

Comment: Ennahdha has made the first move towards reconciliation after visiting its opponent poet Saghier Oulad Ahmed on his sickbed, writes Salah Eddine al-Jorashi.

Libya's women central to its march to progress

04 March, 2015

Comment: Armed gangs have murdered women for their attempts to build a better Libya. But they will not stop the march of progress, says Salah Eddine al-Jorashi.

Tunisia's 'moderate Islamists' extend hand to Washington

10 February, 2015

Analysis: During his visit to Tunis, McCain met with Ennahdha leaders as well as the country's secular leaders.

Tunisia after 2011: The three lies that came undone

14 January, 2015

When Tunisian dictator Ben Ali fled the country on 14 January 2011, many commentators expected hell to break out. Instead, Tunisia has become a model for the region, searching for peace, democracy and equality.

Is Ennahdha's house of cards set to tumble?

29 December, 2014

Following the decision of the leadership not to put forward a candidate in the presidential elections while hedging its bets on the outcome, some Ennahdha supporters are beginning to question the relevance of the party.

Marzouki prepares for kick-off in the presidential final

17 December, 2014

The interim president is enjoying strong popular support as he prepares to face Beji Caid Essebsi in the second half of Tunisia's presidential elections.

Tunisia's Ennahdha grapples with Marzouki question

11 December, 2014

Movement's rank and file are overwhelmingly in favour of Moncef Marzouki leading Tunisia as its new president. So why is the leadership dragging its heels?

Tunisia: Does Moro-Brahmi kiss signal warming relations?

07 December, 2014

Many have taken the kiss and Moro's kind words to indicate the possibility of alliance between Ennahdha and the Popular Front, but it may still be too soon.

Political change comes to Tunisia through the ballot box

29 October, 2014

The elections have transformed the political landscape of Tunisia, with the Islamist Ennahdha movement lost to the secular Nidaa Tounes party.

Salah Eddine al-Jorashi
Salah Eddine al-Jorashi

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