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Munir al-Mawri

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Munir al-Mawri
Munir al-Mawri

Based in Washington DC

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CIA chief revealed as 'mastermind' of Iran deal

28 October, 2015

Analysis: Leaked emails belonging to CIA Chief John Brennan reveal that he advocated for a policy shift towards Iran including direct talks and normalisation of relations several years ago.

International dialogue to decide Syria's fate 'will exclude Syrians'

20 October, 2015

Analysis: Regional powers have chosen to exclude Syrians from talks, as Washington involves Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan in negotiations over Assad's future.

US and GCC agree to 'peaceful' resolution in Yemen

01 October, 2015

John Kerry and his Gulf counterparts have agreed that political dialogue is the only way to reach a sustainable solution in Yemen.

Iran nuclear deal clears hurdles in US Congress

02 September, 2015

John Kerry announced on Wednesday that the Iran nuclear deal was safe from being blocked by Congress, which is scheduled to give its opinion on the deal before 17 September.

Ramadi: a turning point for US military policy?

19 May, 2015

Analysis: Islamic State group's takeover of Anbar capital prompts calls for a US strategy change in Iraq, and warnings not to underestimate the implications of city's fall.

Obama without answers to rising tide of black anger

28 April, 2015

Comment: The deaths of black men at the hands of police in Missouri and Baltimore are sparking national anger, and it's now on the capital's doorstep, says Munir al-Mawri.

Houthi: Yemen talks not dependent on end of hostilities

17 April, 2015

A member of the Houthi political bureau says his movement is open to talks even while Saudi Arabia continues its air campaign against its fighters.

Decisive Storm fuels Obama-Netanyahu dispute

31 March, 2015

Analysis: The launch of the Saudi-led operation in Yemen has apparently caused the Israeli prime minister to question US commitment to allies' security.

Did Sisi propose an Egyptian force to protect Hadi?

30 March, 2015

Analysis: Egyptian president Abdel Fatah el-Sisi might have proposed an Egyptian force to return Yemeni president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to Aden.

Al-Qaeda’s fundamental disagreement with the Islamic State

25 March, 2015

Feature: Documents dating to 2011 indicate that al-Qaeda’s leadership was disillusioned with the forerunner of the Islamic State group over its targeting of Christians in Iraq.

How Bin Laden's mail exposed a massive CIA blunder

24 March, 2015

Analysis: When US Navy Seals swooped on the al-Qaeda leader's compound in Pakistan, they discovered a cache of documents that revealed how the CIA indirectly financed bin Laden's lifestyle.

Obama aide to address Aipac rival conference

23 March, 2015

President Obama's chief of staff will attend a J Street conference, signalling the US' continued opposition to Netanyahu's "anti-peace" policies and rhetoric.

Munir al-Mawri
Munir al-Mawri

Based in Washington DC

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