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Anwar al-Khatib

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Anwar al-Khatib
Anwar al-Khatib

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Marzouki predicts era of stability

14 May, 2015

Analysis: While the former Tunisian president argues the region is moving towards stability, others warn new social and geographical maps are being drawn upon the region, reports Anwar al-Khatib.

Qatar says it will reform sponsorship system for workers

17 March, 2015

Qatar has said it will push ahead with reforming its controversial "kafala" or sponsorship system for foreign workers without giving a timetable for when this will happen.

Iran: Larijani says 'Persian empire' comments were poor translation

12 March, 2015

Comments made by a senior Iranian official which spread quickly around the world have been dismissed by Iran's parliamentary chair as the product of a poor translation.

Qatar withdraws diplomats from Sanaa

14 February, 2015

Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have withdrawn their diplomatic staff from Yemeni due to the deteriorating political and security situation. Other Gulf countries are likely to follow suit.

Qatari released after 14 years in US prison

18 January, 2015

Al-Marri was serving a 15-year sentence in the US charged with being an "enemy combatant" and claims to have been tortured during his detention.

Qatar finalising new sponsorship law for foreign workers

29 December, 2014

The new law will give workers more protection from their employers' abuse of the existing system.

GCC pushes for stronger links with Nato

13 December, 2014

Gulf state ministers propose strengthening strategic partnership to include Saudi Arabia and Oman to face regional threats including the Islamic State group

GCC summit discusses regional challenges

09 December, 2014

GCC leaders are meeting to discuss the political, social, economic and security challenges facing the region in a summit in Doha.

Gulf states reconcile their differences

20 November, 2014

Observers suggest that Gulf tensions have been put to rest.

Saudi, Bahraini and Emirati ambassadors return to Doha

20 November, 2014

Tensions between Qatar and other Gulf states have been resolved after an agreement was reached in Riyadh.

Anwar al-Khatib
Anwar al-Khatib

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