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Laith Saud

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Laith Saud
Laith Saud

Laith Saud is a writer and scholar. He is co-author of An Introduction to Islam for the 21st Century (Wiley-Blackwell).

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Chronicles of the Egyptian Revolution

29 January, 2018

Book review: Bassiouni's account of Egypt's revolution is an engaging insight into Egypt's Arab Spring and its aftermath, from the side of state power, writes Laith Saud.

The kings of irony: Saudi Arabia and Iran

04 July, 2017

Comment: Both countries have succeeded in adopting versions of Islam that marginalise the vast majority of Muslims, Sunni and Shia alike, writes Laith Saud.

Trump's media strategy is exploiting the Left's weaknesses

30 January, 2017

Comment: Trump is using his policies to break a fragile alliance on the Left, forcing them to prioritise certain issues at the expense of others, writes Laith Saud.

Think tanks and Syria

26 December, 2016

Comment: What exactly have think tanks accomplished for Syria over the last five years, asks Laith Saud.

Black skin, white masks: Trump, race and power

13 December, 2016

Comment: Revolutionary and writer Frantz Fanon theorised the psychology of race. Today, we are witnessing the neurosis of race that he addressed, amplified by social media, writes Laith Saud

American white supremacy rears its ugly head

24 November, 2016

Comment: Unlike the notion of racism, far more people would actually admit to holding beliefs that are white supremacist, writes Laith Saud

Where did it all go wrong for Hillary?

10 November, 2016

Comment: Laith Saud unpicks the identity politics of a campaign that carried Trump to the White House, and another that failed to inspire a divided electorate.

Packaging military campaigns: PR from Sinai to Syria

31 October, 2016

Comment: Sixty years ago, Israel, Britain and France invaded Sinai but lied to the UN General Assembly about their motives. Manipulating military campaigns is equally common today, writes Laith Saud

The two faces of the Obama administration

06 October, 2016

Comment: The chaos in the Arab world begins with the US-led invasion of Iraq, and it comes full circle with US policy regarding Syria, writes Laith Saud

Trumpism has historical foundations, one debate won't kill it

28 September, 2016

Comment: The exploitation of ignorance and fear did not begin with Trump, and it won't end with him, writes Laith Saud

The legacy of 9/11: A divisive, self-fulfilling, global prophecy

13 September, 2016

Comment: Laith Saud explores how the 'Clash of Civilisations' and the 'War on Terror', along with the rise of new technologies have shaped today's world order.

IS persists where states have diminished

21 July, 2016

Comment: Iraq's state is critically weak, and in allowing non-state actors to "fight" terrorism, it will endorse the presence of terrorism as a mainstay of Iraqi life, writes Laith Saud

Laith Saud
Laith Saud

Laith Saud is a writer and scholar. He is co-author of An Introduction to Islam for the 21st Century (Wiley-Blackwell).

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