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Ahmad al-Naemi

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Ahmad al-Naemi
Ahmad al-Naemi

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Iraqi forces bombardment of Fallujah leaves several civilians dead

09 December, 2015

At least 19 civilians have been killed and injured after Iraqi forces bombarded the IS controlled city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad on Tuesday, according to medical sources.

Iraq's PM Abadi plans new set of reforms

17 November, 2015

Iraq's prime minister will launch a new round of political reforms but lawmakers and analysts are pessimistic about his ability to deliver on these promises.

Dozens killed or wounded in air raids targeting Mosul

29 September, 2015

Airstrikes believed to have been carried out by Iraqi government planes have targeted Mosul, killing or injuring 69 Iraqis, mostly civilians, according to local medical sources.

Iraq gives go ahead to Basra autonomy referendum

18 August, 2015

Iraqi electoral authorities have given approval to a petition by residents of the oil rich port city of Basra to hold a referendum on making it an autonomous region.

Iraqi war planes bomb Fallujah maternity hospital

13 August, 2015

The Iraqi military has reportedly bombed a maternity hospital in the city of Fallujah, killing patients and medical staff, according to sources and eyewitnesses.

Digging out a living in Iraq's Anbar province

06 May, 2015

Feature: Tunnels built to smuggle goods and fighters between Iraq and Syria are providing a lifeline for the besieged residents of Anbar, reports Ahmad al-Naemi.

Iraqi youths stand up to scourge of sectarianism

28 April, 2015

Feature: A group of young Iraqis have started a campaign to rid Iraq of sectarianism, which has fuelled violence in the country for more than a decade.

Iraq's landmines: a lethal legacy of old wars

23 March, 2015

Feature: Iraq has an estimated 25 million land mines, some of which date back decades. The cost of removing them and making the country safe again will be huge.

Ahmad al-Naemi
Ahmad al-Naemi

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