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Dr. Tamara Kharroub

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Dr. Tamara Kharroub
Dr. Tamara Kharroub

Dr. Tamara Kharroub is a Senior Analyst and Assistant Executive Director at Arab Center Washington DC.

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Coronavirus exposes Arab world's information crisis and digital inequality

24 March, 2020

Comment: The coronavirus pandemic has shed further light on inequality, misinformation, and authoritarianism in the region, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Trump's 'peace plan' is nothing but repackaged Israeli apartheid

30 January, 2020

Comment: Trump's supremacist plan redraws borders unilaterally and accepts war crimes as serious solutions, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Outrage over Tlaib-Omar ban must not ignore Israel's occupation

19 August, 2019

Comment: After Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar were barred from visiting Israel, US politicians condemned the ban but praised Israel's 'democracy', whitewashing occupation and deflecting blame, writes Dr. Tamara Kharroub

Trump's racist attacks set a dangerous new precedent

17 July, 2019

Comment: To associate loyalty to the US with being white, and supporting Israel sets an extremely dangerous precedent, writes Tamara Kharroub.

What the Ilhan Omar controversies reveal about US politics

25 April, 2019

Comment: The attacks against Omar are part of a larger project to silence voices that advocate for Palestinian rights, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Palestine support no longer 'political suicide' for US progressives

13 September, 2018

Comment: Democratic candidates have had to temper their message on Palestine, but their success is testament to a shift in the debate, writes Tamara Kharroub.

How the 1967 Naksa changed the game for Palestine

05 June, 2018

Comment: The illegal occupation of Palestinian land in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem continues to this day, writes Tamara Kharroub.

US Jerusalem embassy vs. Nakba

15 May, 2018

Comment: The international community faces a critical decision: Continue courting right-wing extremism and bigotry in Trump and Netanyahu's company, or take action to support human rights, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Is this the end of AIPAC's reign?

03 April, 2018

The long read: Despite declining support for the Israel lobby among young Jews and progressives, AIPAC's conference is still the place to be seen and gain influence, writes Tamara Kharroub.

How long will 'Teflon Trump' last?

26 January, 2018

Comment: Other than providing more comedy material for late night talk shows, it seems unlikely the book will have any effect on the survival of the Trump administration, writes Kharroub.

Saudi Arabia is beating the drums of war, again

08 November, 2017

Comment: Mohammed bin Salman's impulsive and antagonistic measures will come at a price, risking his survival as future king or disastrous wars across the region, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Right to drive is meaningless until male guardianship ends

28 September, 2017

Comment: Without serious political reforms and real change in the law, the decision to let Saudi women drive is merely decorative and for performance purposes, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Dr. Tamara Kharroub
Dr. Tamara Kharroub

Dr. Tamara Kharroub is a Senior Analyst and Assistant Executive Director at Arab Center Washington DC.

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