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Nicholas Frakes

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Nicholas Frakes
Nicholas Frakes

Nicholas Frakes is a freelance journalist that reports from London, the Middle East and North Africa

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'Enough is enough': The fraught return of Lebanon's revolution

09 June, 2020

Lebanon's economic crisis has seen salaries slashed, the value of the lira plummet and the price of goods drastically inflate.

'Starving is worse': Lebanon's Syrian refugees face bleak lockdown

05 May, 2020

Syrian refugees are struggling to survive under Lebanon's lockdown as an economic crisis deepens poverty in the country.

Lebanon prepares for muted Ramadan celebrations under coronavirus lockdown

21 April, 2020

Muslims in Lebanon are preparing for muted Ramadan celebrations amid a nationwide lockdown, but many are viewing it as an opportunity to get closer to their faith.

Lebanese volunteers mobilise to help health workers battle coronavirus

27 March, 2020

Hundreds of civilians have joined the Lebanon Response Team to produce ventilators, face masks and other medical supplies to help the cash-strapped health sector fight the coronavirus.

Lebanon's medical students on the frontline in fighting coronavirus

12 March, 2020

Medical students are taking part in the effort to care for patients tested positive for COVID-19 at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital.

Lebanese persevere as country's economy worsens

05 March, 2020

Lebanon's worsening economy has caused the price of most goods to increase.

Lebanon's post-Civil War generation flock to streets without fear

20 February, 2020

Since the start of Lebanon's massive country-wide protests, youngsters have been constantly on the front lines of the protests calling for economic and political reforms following decades of alleged corruption.

Lebanese protesters turn to alternative media to spread message

05 February, 2020

Alternative media, such as Facebook, Twitter and other new outlets have been used and created during Lebanon's protests to help broadcast the revolution's message to the world.

Businesses struggle as Lebanon's economic crisis continues

17 January, 2020

As Lebanon marks 90 days since widespread calls for an end to corruption rang across the country, businesses are struggling to stay open as their operating costs increase.

Protesters condemn walls installed by Lebanese forces following clashes

02 January, 2020

Following several days of clashes between security forces and protesters, several concrete walls were constructed blocking entrances to downtown Beirut.

Lebanon: Greater focus on mental health following multiple suicides

25 December, 2019

Several people have taken their own lives due to the economic hardships that have continued to grow as Lebanon's economic crisis worsens.

Lebanon students skip class to join protest movement

09 November, 2019

Students in Lebanon are rising up against the elite for a better opportunities, an end to unemployment and a brighter future.

Nicholas Frakes
Nicholas Frakes

Nicholas Frakes is a freelance journalist that reports from London, the Middle East and North Africa

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