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Egypt's Sisi prophesied in the Quran, says TV host

Some Islamic scholars consider 19 to be a "mathematical miracle" in the Quran [Getty]

Date of publication: 11 May, 2016

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What do Egypt's president, the number 19 and prophecies of the demise of Israel within the next seven years have in common? Read on and find out for yourself.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will carry out the destruction of the state of Israel because his name contains a "miracle number" mentioned in the Quran, a pro-governmnet Egyptian talk show host has said.

Mohammad al-Gheity said on Tuesday that the general-turned-president's name is cryptically mentioned in the Quran and that he will "make Israel cease to exist" by the year 2022, according to a paper published by Palestinian Shiekh Bassam al-Jarrar.

Gheity said the paper, which was reportedly published on a Facebook page called the Qatar Liberation Moment, claimed that because Sisi's name is made up of 19 Arabic letters he will eventually wipe out Israel for good.

Some Islamic scholars consider the number 19 to be a "mathematical miracle" in the Quran that is numerologically encoded into its verses.

"Sisi will make Israel cease to exist in 2022… his name contains 19 letters compare that to all the other presidents who have ruled Egypt," Gheity said, quoting the paper.

"This means that Sisi is the Arab leader who has been chosen by God along with the Egyptian people to bring about security and stability to the Arab world," he added.

It seems unlikely that Sisi will bring down the state of Israel within the next few years, however hard the Egyptian media tries to build up his personality cult.

Israeli-Egyptian relations have seen unprecedented levels of cooperation since Sisi came into power in 2014 following a military coup against former Islamist president Mohammad Morsi.

In February, one of Israel's leading journalists likened Sisi to a "strategic treasure" and an "important asset" for Israel.

Last month, an Israeli military chief said Israel has recently seen "unprecedented" intelligence cooperation with Egypt in the fight against the Islamic state group [IS] in the Sinai Peninsula.

Sisi has also called for other Arab states to make peace with Israel, before Egyptian officials later claimed his comments were "mistranslated" and that he was merely talking about the positive results of the peace treaty on the region.

Egypt and Jordan are the only Arab countries that have signed peace treaties with Israel.

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