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Hizballah denies Saudi Arabia's accusations, declares end of IS

Nasrallah claimed that the US secured ways for IS to move around [AFP]

Date of publication: 20 November, 2017

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Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah has declared the defeat of the Islamic State group as a military force, but warned they will likely reappear under another guise.

Hizballah's Secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah has claimed that the movement will soon pull out of Iraq, saying the Islamic State group - as a military force - had been all but "defeated" in the country.

Speaking about recent successful Hizballah operations on the Iraqi-Syrian border during Monday's televised speech, Nasrallah said that IS' reign of terror in Iraq was over now and the group was a spent force thanks to Hizballah's efforts.

"From the beginning of the IS conspiracy, we cooperated with Iraqi authorities and sent a number of fighters. We believe we have sent a significant amount of help," he said.

Nasrallah added that they were waiting for news of the "final victory" in Iraq and confirmation the fighters were no longer needed in Iraq, so they could return home to Lebanon.

Nasrallah also made another outlandish claim that the US was collaborating with IS in Syria, particularly during Hizballah's operation in the border town of Albukamal.

"The Americans secured ways for IS to move around in Albukamal. There were no air strikes aimed at them and they did not allow Russian and Syrian air forces to strike," said Nasrallah.

He claimed he had "further evidence" of Washington's alleged dealings with IS, and alleged the defeated militants would soon join the US-backed, Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces, in northern Syria.

Hizballah have played a key role in supporting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's against opposition forces, which has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in shelling and bombing by regime forces.

Nasrallah's comments come at the backdrop of an emergency Arab League meeting, after Saudi Arabia led several charges against Hizballah and the movement's regional ally, Iran.

"What did you all do in the war against IS?" Nasrallah mocked. 

Riyadh's call for an emergency meeting with Arab foreign ministers followed an attempted missile strike on the Saudi capital by Yemen's Houthi rebels.

Hizballah have denied having, or distributing, ballistic missiles, while Nasrallah claimed in Monday's appearance he would not send any weapons to Arab countries, except for Palestine.

He also used the opportunity to slam Saudi Arabia for its military adventure in Yemen, which has led to thousands of deaths and the oubreak of cholera due to Riyadh's blockade on the country.

"Have we reached a time where we witness millions dying from cholera and the majority remain silent?" 

Nasrallah also commented in recent developments at home, following the suprise resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Hariri blamed his retreat from public life due to Hizballah's increased dominance in Lebanon and claimed he couldn't return home due to threats to his life.

"I want to remind everyone the biggest threat to Lebanon was - and still is - Israel."

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