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Israeli soldier injured in gunfire from 'Islamic State group' gunfire on Egypt border Open in fullscreen

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Israeli soldier injured in gunfire from 'Islamic State group' gunfire on Egypt border

Egypt's border has seen frequent firefights between Egyptian troops and IS militants [AFP]

Date of publication: 20 November, 2017

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An Israeli soldier stationed on the Egypt border was lightly injured after gunfire from the Sinai spilled over, where Islamic State group militants are known to be active.
An Israeli soldier stationed close to the Egypt border has been "lightly injured" following the "spillover" of gunfire from the Sinai region, local media have reported.

The military personnel was travelling by road along the heavily fortified border, when they came under fire from Egypt early on Monday morning.

The Israeli military confirmed that a soldier was taken to hospital but did not say whether the gunfire deliberately targeted the vehicle.

Islamic State group fighters are active in the Sinai province and fire fights between militants and Egyptian troops have become increasingly common. Gun and rocket fire frequently reach into Israel.

Israel has built a barrier along the border with Egypt in a bid to contain the troubles in the Sinai, which has has cost thousands of lives.

IS' Sinai "wiliyat" claimed responsibility for four rockets fired at the Israeli resort city of Eilat in February.

In 2014, two Israeli soldiers were injured when militants fired anti-tank missiles over the border.

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