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Saudi-led airstrikes kill 12 in rebel-run Yemen prison camp Open in fullscreen

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Saudi-led airstrikes kill 12 in rebel-run Yemen prison camp

The latest bombings follow attacks on a Houthi TV station and training camp [Getty]

Date of publication: 13 December, 2017

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A Houthi prison camp is the latest target of an intensified programme of Saudi bombings, leaving 12 dead and 80 wounded.
Saudi-led airstrikes targeting a Houthi-run prison camp in Sanaa have killed 12 and wounded 80, the rebel television channel Al-Masirah TV reported on Wednesday.

All of the victims of the pre-dawn strikes on the Yemeni capital were prisoners, the channel reported.

The Saudi-led coalition has been intesifying its airstrikes on rebel-held territory in Yemen in recent days. The latest news comes days after reports that 26 were killed during an air strike on a suspected rebel training camp in the Hajjah province, near to the Saudi Arabia border, on Sunday.  

On Saturday, four people were killed in another Saudi-led strike on a Yemen TV station. On Friday, more than 20 were killed in an airstrike on the Houthi stronghold of Saada in northern Yemen.

More than 10,000 people – over half of them civilians – have been killed since the Saudi-led coalition intervened in the conflict in 2015. 

Recent reports suggest that Yemen has become the largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, suffering from famine, health crises, infrastructure collapse and economic ruin, in chief due to the Saudi-led naval blockades on all of Yemen's ports.

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