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Dubai-based British editor sentenced to ten years for murdering wife

Francis was editor of Dubai-based Gulf News [Getty]

Date of publication: 25 March, 2018

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Former Gulf News editor Francis Matthew has been given a ten year jail sentence by a UAE court after being found guilty of bludgeoning his wife to death.

A Dubai-based British newspaper editor has been given a ten year jail sentence for the murder of his wife, UAE media have reported, avoiding the death penalty.

Francis Mathew bludgeoned his wife of 30 years Jane Mathew with a hammer last year at their villa and attempted to blame her death on burglars.

He avoided the death penalty after his lawyer argued "temporary insanity" and "provocation" explained the former Gulf News editor's motives.

The brother of Jane's wife expressed disappointment with the sentence.

"Our family has been saddened by the sentence given to Francis Matthew, Jane's killer. We believe the facts clearly demonstrate that this crime was a deliberate act," Peter Manning told AP in a written statement.

The prosecution argued that Mathew had ample time to reconsider his actions and a tougher sentence should be applied.

"In the defendant's own version of events, he collected the murder weapon, a hammer, in the kitchen and carried it down two corridors of the house to the bedroom. There was time for him to consider his actions," Manning said.

Mathew's lawyer claimed that he called a "loser" and pushed by his wife over money issues.

After killing his wife, Mathew then went to work and threw away the hammer. He tried to make it appear that his house had been robbed when he returned home to explain the murder.

Dubai police interrogated Mathew and he eventually admitted to the killing Jane but argued he never meant to kill her.

Mathew will serve ten years in jail and will be deported. His lawyer said Mathew will appeal the sentence.

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